by Truly Holy

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released January 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Truly Holy Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: The Pond
levelled out in the sun
living together day by day
and I know a place where we can go
only it's a little too far away
sun pouring over your body
canon-balls landing to your side
now the room feels kinda empty
I think there's something happening outside

standing by the pond
watching a duck fly past the sun
and holding the edge of the dress
sparkling in the reflection
the wind sways the trees
and she's floating on the breeze
and the water's splashing over her toes
begin the legendary adventure
of the hero that no-one knows

soar on fishes keep sailing
fall and damage parked cars
make the news in 30 countries
with stories of shadows in the dark
cause outside the wind is useless
it blows a plastic bag around the yard
while satellites fall into un-populated places
collide with the planet then fall apart

in safe heaven to hover
on top of silver-lining
above rain and cloud
carry me up carry me

count all my blessings
send me to venus with your genius
cause I've spent a little while
watching waiting for your smile
lady runaway can't get away
well hey I guess I want you to stay
and things are happening outside
I can see them happening outside

midnight stars on the ceiling
I was asleep below their glow
with images flashing on my closed eyelids
taking pictures in the snow
the leaves hang on the trees
the women pray on their knees
I look to the north and there you are
and everything's working out perfectly
for you and all your stars
Track Name: beatrix83
dancing on the wind
and hovering in the air
a million miles away
fearless and alive
a gift to the world
come down come down
take us with you
take me far far
bright star
high above the clouds
watching down on the earth
flawless flawless
a sight to behold
heavens wonder child
an answer to all of our prayers
dreams can come true
Track Name: There Is A Rhythm
(there is a rhythm)
it melts the ice
it turns earth to clay
and day into night
it flows in our blood
it brings flesh to our flesh
and wheat to the mud
it runs through the trees
it gives birth to a child
and waves to the sea
it lives in the sun
its turned the earth
since from when time begun
feel it in the heat
feel it in the river
and out on the street
it moves with the wind
it floats with the smoke
just before it descends
it rides with the rain
it forms into clouds
then it does it again
it hides in the ocean
it sings with the whales
and it keeps the tides in motion

we stood by the open window
looking over the paddocks in darkness
and she pointed to the light on the hill
as the party continued around us
and I knew I'd dreamt of the vision
with the warmth of the breeze
then the beat played out through the town
and I knew that she could feel the rhythm